For Sellers: What Is Your Home Really Worth?

Sunday, March 17, 2013
It’s true that as technology advances, there are several ways to find out the approximate value of a home almost instantly. Just recently, I tried out a new feature on a website called Zoocasa, where you can enter any home address and get an on-the-spot home evaluation.

Well, that was the plan.

Naturally, I wanted to test the little widget with a couple of recent sales. So I entered the addresses, hit the send button and — voila! The results came up. What I quickly realized was that, instead of giving me an accurate (or semi-accurate) appraisal, the resulting “guesstimate” was overpriced by $200,000, according to my own calculations. And this is not small change we’re talking about…
What am I getting at?

Technology alone is not enough, at least not yet. Just like proofreading or translating, as two other examples, technology can be incredibly handy but not always incredibly accurate. And when it comes to “correctly” pricing your home, you need more than mere numbers and figures taken from a website. You need comparables from the area. You need sold prices, and you should have someone come over for a quick inspection. It deserves to be seen in person, because the overall condition of your home will never show as well on paper as it does “live”. And that can make a (more than) SIGNIFICANT change in the way your property will be priced.

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